Gotta Love Camp

This morning we loaded up about 50 of our elementary students and sent them off to summer camp. They are headed to Winston Salem, NC to be a part of Camp KidJam.

This year 2 of the 50 children are mine and my son is going to his first summer camp. Martha is also going as one of the camp leaders. It’s going to be an awesome week for our C3 Kids. There’s nothing like camp… Getting away from the busyness of life and hearing from God… making life-changing decisions and having defining moments that will last for an eternity. Let’s be praying for protection and that they will grow closer to Jesus!

(good to know that our kids are in good hands… Here’s our Minister of Children Tami Poland preparing for camp)

  • E.Jones

    These kids are going to have a blast! I can’t wait to see what God will do in their lives this week and what he will continue to do through them in the weeks, months and years that follow! There it is..the future staff of C3!! What an awesome group with an awesome leader! Our Children’s Ministry ROCKS!

  • Dan Goodson

    Pastor Matt,
    I am sure that you have confidence in her! Right? lol
    I loved my camps. they set some good foundations in my life.

  • Martha

    Camp isn’t like it used to be. We are staying in dorms with wireless internet and air conditioning.
    However, I am sleeping in a sleeping bag and eating in a cafeteria, and hanging out with 45 elementary students. Somethings never change. Having a blast!

  • Can’t wait for Isaac to go to camp. Raising up world changers for Christ!!! C3 Kids rock!!!!!!

  • Debra Wyatt

    When you take yourself out of the loop or blink twice hold on because at C3 things are rocking and rolling and constantly changing (growing). I would have loved to have gone along as a camp helper. But because I got unplugged I missed a wonderful chance to serve.This is a proof positive experience for me, that I am responsible for my Spititual Growth and walk with other Christians. “for sure” next year.Debra Wyatt