Gotta Check It Out!

This past weekend, my good friend Pastor Billy Hornsby (not to be confused with Bruce Hornsby and the Range) spoke at C3. Pastor Billy is the Executive Director of the Association of Related Churches and the Missions Pastor at Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC. If you want to get your relationships off to a good start in ’07, you gotta check out the podcast or videopodcast.

By the way, they tell me that we just went over the 10,000 mark with our podcasts (10,042 to be exact) that we launched about 10 months ago. We have people downloading the podcast from all over the U.S., China, Russia, Australia, England, Denmark, South Africa, Czech Republic and Iraq.

Don’t forget this weekend we are launching a new series called, “What’s In A Name?”… Discovering Who God Is. We will spend several weeks looking at the names of God and His impact on our lives.

Service times: Saturday – 5pm and 6:30pm, Sunday – 9am and 11am

  • Pipes

    Pastor Billy Hornsby rocked the house! His sermon on building healthy and mature relationships was a great kick off to a new year! And I can’t wait for the new series “What’s In A Name?”. Get ready for an awesome weekend!

  • Lisa

    Welcome home!! We missed you last week! Your message was Heartfelt and Inspiring today. God is the King and I have never felt so close to Him. I am so Happy I found Him and C3! Thankyou!!

  • The new series we’ve started is awesome, one of my New years resolutions is to try to get involved with C3 and go to every service with my family for the rest of the year