Good To Be Home

Martha and I are back home from our trip to Chennai, India (formerly known as Madras). I’m not a big world traveler kind of guy, so it feels good to be home… with my family, C3 Church and friends.  I feel like I’m still experiencing a little jet lag… there’s a 9.5 hour time difference between here and India (can someone explain to me what’s up with the .5 hour?)  They say that it takes one full day to recover for every hour of time change.  So based on that formula, I guess I will feel completely normal sometime Sunday morning… that’s good news for C3 this Sunday morning.  Although my body is still recuperating a little, my spirit is strong.  I am so fired up about the future and all that God is doing here at C3, the triangle area, India and around the world.  I look forward to sharing what’s on my heart over the next few Sundays. I’m also excited to share an update on all that God is doing with Kingdom Builders!


  • pipes

    Glad you are home safe and sound and ready to preach this weekend! If you ever need a world traveler to go with you…I’m your man!

  • ken

    Glad you are back and look forward to getting updates on your “world changing” trip.