Going To The Next Level

Yesterday at our C3 All Staff Meeting I shared some points about taking our church to the next level. Churches and organizations go through natural growth and decline, up and down, eb and flow, challenges and breakthrough. It’s like a wave but you want the wave to be going in the right direction. You want to be moving up and forward and not back and downward. You want to be impacting your culture and reaching hurting people not becoming a holy huddle with an inward focus.

Here are 5 hurdles that you'll need to cross in order to go to the next level:

1. SPACE NEEDS – Three critical areas are Worship Center, Parking and Children's space. It's something you have to constantly evaluate so that you can continue to provide seats and room for people who need hope.

2. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – We we stop recruiting, training and developing leaders for the future it will hinder our growth. We can't recruit and train for today we need to recruit and train for tomorrow. 

3. RELATIONAL ASSIMILATION – Our goal is not to build a crowd but to build a church. We've had hundreds of first time guests this year but we must follow through and get them connected relationally.

4. LACK OF RESOURCES – There will always be more vision than resources. When you are reaching the unchurched, it takes resources. We have to continue to help others even if they don't give back. We must continue to train disciples and be good stewards with what God has blessed us with but we must remember He is our source and our provider.

5. LACK OF FOCUS – We can't get caught up in the daily routine and forget the big picture. Ministry cannot become routine and passionless.

To listen to the C3 Leadership Podcast, click here.

  • Great simple & true stuff Matt. Thanks for your fire, leadership & character.