God & Country This Sunday!

This Sunday, July 3 is our annual God and Country Day at C3 when we celebrate the freedom we have in Christ and the freedom we share in our country! We also use this Sunday to honor all of the men and women who have served or are serving our country in the military!

We are collecting Foot Care Kits as an outreach on God & Country Day.  These kits will go directly to marines serving on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Every day, these marines walk miles and miles through tough terrain and hard conditions and these foot kits are a simple way to remind them that God loves them and they have people at home who are praying for them.  You can bring your foot care kits back to C3 this Sunday.

Each Kit needs to include:  2 pairs of white socks, foot powder, baby wipes and $2.00 for shipping.

Thanks in advances for helping us reach out to these marines!

As part of the celebration on Sunday we will also have several military vehicles on campus provided by the Military Preservation Society, a military helicopter, and fire trucks from our local Cleveland Fire Department before and after each service.

See you at God & Country Day!