God & Country Day

This weekend at C3 we are celebrating 4th of July with God & Country Day!  I want to encourage all of you to be here this weekend and to take the opportunity to  bring your families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers as we celebrate together in the Freedom of Christ.

In addition to our Weekend Celebration, we will have lots of fun additions on our campus, include military vehicles, a helicopter, popcorn and cotton candy for the kids, and more!!

Also, C3 has been part of a very special project called “Operation We Care” and we’ve been filling up boxes of special items to send to the North Carolina National Guard stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This weekend all the boxes will return to our campus to be loaded up and sent off to these brave men and women!

Come this weekend and celebrate with us the Freedom that we have in Christ and the freedom we enjoy as a country!


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