God Cares About What We Care About

This is just a reminder that God cares about what we care about.  The other day He answered a prayer request for me big time.

Let me give you a little history.   I homeschooled our kids since Kindergarden, and this year we sent our 2 oldest girls to North Raleigh Christian Academy.

One is in 9th grade and one is in 8th grade.  Both love the school and love getting to be with their friends everyday.  However, our 8th grader was having a hard time at lunch.   Seems like every day the same group of girls would sit together at lunch and there was never enough room for the “new girls”. (she has a friend that started this year also)

Now, these girls would be nice to her in the classroom, but at lunch it was a different story.   One day there was not enough room and they had to sit at the 6th grade table.  Now you know she would rather die than have to sit at the 6th grade table – she told me, “Mom, it was soooo embarrassing!!”

As a mom I felt her pain and wanted to go up to that school and set those kids straight.   This was a Christian school and kids shouldn’t feel left out.  I thought, “Where are the teachers?   Don’t they see what is going on?”

Then I thought about taking a  pizza or Bojangles or some great lunch up there for just her and her new friend and nobody else.

But neither one of those options sounded very Christ like so I decided to just pray.

So on Friday at the end of my prayer I wrote:

“God I pray for my two daughters, especially my 8th grader (in my prayer I used their names I am just keeping the anonymous for now) that they will fell loved and accepted by YOU.  I pray favor for my 8th grader and her friend, and today somebody would include them.  But I know you are using even this for her good.  In Jesus Name, Amen”

On Friday afternoon when I picked up my 8th grader she was so excited and told me her and her friend got to sit with the girls and they did not ask her to move and they talked to her.   BUT then I got to share how I prayed for her and how God answered my prayer.   She got to see God’s hand on her life and that He cares for her.

What God reminded me that day was to pray about everything.   Don’t live in fear and worry or try to take matters in our own hands, but rather live by faith and pray.

And it also worked out as a great reminder to my daughter that God cares about what she is going through and we need to pray.   I only wish I had prayed with her about this situation together earlier, but God still worked it all out for His Glory.

Remember God is our Wonderful Counselor and we need to take all our problems and issues to Him first.


  • Timely reminder. Thanks

  • Christina Midiri

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us Martha. I know how that feels – this is actually my first year homeschooling my 2 children. My daughter is in 5th and my son is in 3rd. Well, one of the reasons I began to look into homeschooling was when my daughter approached me in the middle of school last year when there were girls not being so nice to her (she was actually being bullied). I feel that he used that situation for her good and prayers were answered big time when I decided to homeschool them. We have grown together so much this year especially growing closer to our wonderful Lord! I will keep your family in our prayers!

  • Niada

    Thank you for sharing this thought. There was something I prayed about and thought Lord this may seem small but you are still bigger than me in this and I wanted to make sure he got the glory. Thank you again