Pastors and Leaders – Let’s Get Real!

Our next Get Real Network Exchange is this Thursday & it’s not too late to register!  Check out our itinerary below and visit to get your team registered!

 9am ~ Welcome and Introduction

 9:15am ~ Worship with Zach Norman

 9:20am ~ Session One with Pastor Matt Fry

 9:50am ~ Session Two with Martha Fry

 10:30am ~ Q&A with Matt and Martha Fry

 11:00am ~ Break

 11:15am ~ Session Three with Pastor Matt

 12:00pm ~ Lunch

 1:00pm ~ Worship

 1:10pm ~ Session Four with Matt & Martha Fry

 2:00pm ~ Q&A with Matt & Martha Fry

 2:30pm ~ Closing words and prayer time and worship

 3pm ~ Break (Café is open)

 3:15 – 4:00pm ~ Behind the Scenes Breakout Sessions

                                Sign up for one of the following:

1.  Ministry & Missions ~ Local to Global with Dan Ohlerking &  Lee Chatham

2.  Financial Planning with Bill Youngblood

3.  Creative Team ~ The Nuts & Bolts of the Creative Process with the C3 Creative Team

 4:00 – 6:00pm ~ Break

The C3 Café & our visitor greenroom is open during this time & you can check into your hotel if needed

6:00-7pm ~ Dinner fellowship at C3 with Pastor Matt & Martha

7pm ~ Thursday Night Celebration! Join us for worship at C3 Church. This is a Sunday morning worship experience that we have on Thursday nights.