Funny Worship Pic

This past Wednesday was Elevate… the C3 college and young adult ministry. We had a blast! The teaching was brilliant! (I spoke?) the lattes and coffee drinks were fantastic (Thanks Tony!), we had a blast playing our version of Deal or No Deal, and the worship was powerful… I love the twenty something generation! They aren’t afraid to express how they feel and when God fills them, they don’t hesitate to shout, dance or go crazy for Jesus. At the end of the worship time, the power of God moved big time and someone captured the moment on camera. When I saw this picture I couldn’t tell if it was God moving or the chili I had for lunch? Jordan looks like he’s a little uncomfortable. What do you think? Gas or God or ?
By the way, this weekend at C3 we launch a new series called… “Living The Blessed Life” and Saturday night after the 6:30pm service, we are going to have FREE pizza for all of the twenty-somethings involved in Elevate (18 years old – 29 to be exact)… hang around after the service is over with and we’re gonna hooka brother up (and sister).

  • Jones

    LOL…LOL…I can barely type. I’m sure it was God moving…but it is hard to tell!! Sounds like it was a powerful night!

  • Karen

    He’s praying for wisdom as he’s about to become a DADDY!!!!

  • Oh, Pastor Matt! Actually, I’m not sure what Jordan is up to, except singing, worshipping, playing one of many instruments (he’s very talented!), etc. I did notice the “look” and wondered if I should’ve posted it on my photo site or not. (I almost deleted it.) But, I’m glad I did keep and post it so you were able to do the blog. After reading this particular blog entry, it gave me a smile on my face and a laugh…a good one, though! Thanks Pastor Matt! I suppose that Jordan is just giving it his all for God! 🙂


    I’m Supper Excited about our Elevate Ministry. ill Be in college next year, and to know that their will be another place for me to worship with people my age is amazing! You guys look like you have soo much FUN! that encounter with God is what I LONG for. And to hear that the Young Adults (Soon to be me) are not afraid to worship dance and shout for our savior is awesome…
    have a good week
    oh yeah: its HOOKA BROTHA UP.. LOL

  • Well I couldn’t really tell I think it was God while you had Gas …lol…lol…lol!!!