Funny Dance Video

This past Sunday I mentioned a hilarious video of Christian Painter dancing during an "American Idol: C3 Style" sponsored by our student ministry. He was actually just trying to kill time while the judges were gathering the results, and he broke out in a dance.  The other guy in the video is our Middle School minister Cory Bolduc.  So many people wanted to see it, so go to and check it out. It already has 4,431 views.  Let me know if you think that Christian should try Dancing with the Stars next!

  • Erin

    No question…Dancing with the Stars is imminent. Way to go Christian & Cory!

  • Duane

    Yeah!!!! that’s what I’m talking about!! We have the C & C Dance Factory there. I can safely say that I have never seen anything like that before. I have got to come over and check out the youth sometime.

  • Cory

    Student Ministry is the place to be baby!!! You all need to come check it out, you could be having this much fun too!!!

  • Krystal

    Well there you have it… the first time I saw Cory dance I knew we would share a lifetime together!

  • Wendy

    Do you guys give dance lessons? My daughters watched it with me and they can’t wait to join in!! Thanks for all you do for the next generation!!

  • Stephen

    Thanks for sharing this. I laughed so hard I was crying. I must say that Christian is the better dance between them. Now if Cory had done a head spin I would say he was better.