Frontline Leadership

Pastor Stovall Weems taught a powerful message to our ministry staff yesterday (you can listen to it on our C3 Leadership podcast). He shared three components that are needed in your staff to be frontline leaders from Mark 10:35-45:

1.    There’s A Price To Pay – Are you willing to pay the price to go to the next level?
2.    Submitting To Authority – Submission is tested when we disagree.
3.    Understanding Your Identity – we need to have a servants heart.  Do you see yourself as a leader who serves or do you see yourself as a servant that has been given an opportunity to lead?

He has noticed in the ten years he’s been the pastor of Celebration Church that as they’ve grown from a handful of people to over 7,000 that these components are needed for the staff to go to the next level and be with you for the long haul.  This is one of those teachings every Pastor and staff that wants to go to the next level must listen to.


(Martha and I with Stovall Weems)

Pastor’s Roundtable

We also had great time eating lunch with about 15 pastors from NC and VA.  We spent a few hours sharing ideas and challenges… I love opportunities to get real with other leaders and Pastors and to help each other go to the next level.  We had pastors from the following churches involved:

Journey Church, Raleigh, NC
Lifepoint Church, Wilmington, NC
Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, NC
Whitley Church, Princeton, NC
Wave Church, VA Beach, VA
Living Word Family Church, Raleigh, NC
Everett Chapel, Clayton, NC
Celebration Church, Jacksonville, FL
C3 Church, Clayton, NC


(Pastor Stovall speaking at the Pastor’s roundtable)

First Wednesday

To cap off the day we had an amazing and passionate night of worship and teaching.  The Celebration Church worship team and the C3 Church worship team led together and it was powerful and high energy.  You could sense the presence and the power of God, and Pastor Stovall rocked the house as he shared about “What Do We Do When Our Dreams Have Died” from 2 Kings 4.  You can check out the podcast here.

(Powerful worship at First Wednesday)

  • Pam

    I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed what Pastor Stovall had to share. Over the past 2 1/2 years my husband and I have struggled with infertility treatments with each treatment followed by heartache when it failed. We did achieve pregnancy only to have an early miscarriage. Last year we did 4 IVF cycles.
    We are no longer able to proceed with treatments nor does it make financial sense. I’ve been devestated emotionally to the point that I’ve given up hope on my dream of ever being a parent.
    Adoption is our next course of action but are unable to pursue it at this time due to the cost.
    Pastor Stoval’s message reminded me not to give up on my dream and hope for children in the future. Especially as we head into the “Mother’s Day & Father’s Day” holidays both of which I’ve come to hate because it causes my heart to hurt too much with the pain of knowing I’ve lost many children (embryo’s that did not survive) and especially the miscarriage.