Friends From The Beach

This past week, the Lifepoint Church staff from Wilmington, NC joined our staff here at C3 for a fun time of idea sharing and inspiration… In the morning I shared with the Lifepoint staff and in the afternoon Pastor Jeff Kapusta shared with our staff. Jeff and his associate Daryl Strickland served on staff at C3 for several years before launching Lifepoint Church a couple of years ago.

(Jeff Kapusta, me, and Daryl Strickland)

This new church has exploded from a small group to over 400 attending weekly. Many lives are being changed and what inspires me about Jeff, is his passion to see people impacted by the power of God. Thanks Jeff for encouraging and inspiring me and C3!

  • Bald is truly beautiful!

  • Thanks so much for the privilege of speaking to your staff! You guys are kicking some serious tail. Keep it up!

  • pipes

    Who were those guys again?! 🙂 Just kidding…it was great to see Jeff and Daryl and the team from Lifepoint. Keep pressing on guys!

  • Bruce

    Thanks Pastor Matt for sharing Jeff’s talk on the C3 Leadership Podcast. It’s not only great for full-time staff but also for lay volunteer leaders! It was also fun hearing hearing him again.