5 Days Until Friend Weekend!

It’s s hard to believe that Friend Weekend is just 5 days away! This is one of the biggest weekends of the year
for C3. It’s big not just because we have a large attendance, but
because of what God does and how many lives are changed.


If you haven’t already, contact your Top Ten friends about coming this
weekend to one of our four services. Here are a couple inviting tips… Call
them to make sure they can come, make sure they have directions, and
invite them to go out to eat either before or after the service.

Don’t forget, this weekend we will have 2 powerful Saturday night services – 4:00pm & 6:00pm! That’s a great
time to bring your friends and neighbors and then you can go eat dinner

Most importantly let’s be praying BIG TIME for God to do great things this weekend.  I can’t wait to see what He is going to do!

  • Tami Poland

    I’m excited. I’ve sent the cards and followed up with phone calls. Now I am hoping God takes over. I am praying God does some amazing things this week in their lives.

  • Rod

    I have the UNC Football Strength Coach coming to 9:15 and a couple from Cary attending 11:15.
    Praying and waiting to hear from others I have invited on Saturday and Sunday.
    Lives will be dramatically changed this weekend!

  • Sounds awesome… Do you do your service the way you always do… do you do something differently? What is friend day like at C3?

  • Patrick

    Pastor Frye,I am in need of information on marriage counseling for me and my wife. if someone could contact me at my e-mail adderss with information