Forward in Your Finances

This weekend we continued our Forward series, and we talked about Moving Forward with Your Finances. It was an awesome teaching on how to manage your finances biblically. If you missed the sermon this weekend, you can check it out here.

It is always exciting to see people who have been in C3 for a while experience financial freedom and blessing as they begin to apply the 10-10-80 concept that Pastor Matt spoke about this weekend

Here is a great testimony of one couple whose lives were changed by handling their finances God’s way…

Hey Matt and Martha!
Incredible sermon! Thanks.

When we had the Dream Pledge dinner/kickoff night, my husband and I had already decided how much to pledge. During dinner, we separately felt we should increase our pledge, if the other agreed. Not surprisingly, it was the same amount (I think God was talking there!). Later that night we talked, and we knew the three years would be a big commitment, putting our own dreams on the back burner again, and would often stretch our faith. We also knew we’d largely be third year givers. But by the end of the first 18 months, I couldn’t see how it could ever work…

Then during last year’s Blessed Life, I really got face to face with all that “tightness” as Martha calls it. God showed me that I could pledge, I could believe, I could give, but if I didn’t trust Him with my heart, it just wasn’t going to work. And the change began. 🙂

2007 was an amazing year! We paid off all our debt but the house, including the student loans, and we made huge progress on the Dream commitment [we’ll get there by March!] But, that’s just what God promised. The rest of it is what surprises me. Having fun with the blessings: my husband’s new job, the computers, and the little things He sends our way. Being able to bless people in ways I never would have considered before. The true heart joy of giving, that you just can’t experience if you worry!

I pray that people who don’t know how to live the 10-10-80 plan heard you this morning. More than that, I pray that all those “tight” worriers out there will let go and live in the freedom of trust in God, that if they do live according to His plan, He really does bless us!

Isn’t God’s way awesome?


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