Forever Recap

Our Forever Conference was this past Friday and Saturday! We had the Forever pre-conference, sessions for single men, single women, sessions for married men married women.  We had vendors all over the church.   Then there was start of the conference Friday night at 7:00pm which opened with our rendition of the Harlem Shake.  (so proud of all our students and college students that helped us out)  And then we got to hear from Philip and Holly Wagner.  I know for many people they were hearing them for the first time and what an honor it was to have them at the Forever Conference.  And when the worship service was over started the AFTER PARTY.   We had the band Nash Vegas playing for us as we danced ate barbeque sandwiches, made smores, and rode the mechanical bull.  (I did not ride I watched and cheered, Matt however rode the bull)  It was soooooo much fun. 
20130302 - 361-M-1
We went to bed late and got up early for the continuation of the Forever Conference.   Matt and I opened up with a fresh look at Ephesians 5.   Then we honored a couple who stared off their relationship doing it their way but ended up surrendering  to God and doing things His way.   POWERFUL!!   Holly and Philip wrapped up our life changing weekend with some practical advise on relationships.   We laughed and laughed so hard we cried, but walked away different.
If you attended or if you were not able to I want to encourage you to get the CD’s or USB of the weekend and to get one or all of Philips and Holly’s books.   Let’s resource ourselves so we can live the abundant life and then help others to find God’s abundant life.
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Here is a recap video!

Love doing life with you!