Focus On 5

This week our ministry staff went to a conference called Focus on Five. Matt was one of 5 conference speakers and he was the very first one. They asked him to speak on First Impressions. There were pastors there from all over the US, and churches of all different sizes were represented. There were pastors there who’s books we have read. As the conference got ready to start, I told Katie, “I am so nervous.”

He did an awesome job of communicating! Not just how to make a good first impression, but why we need to make a good first impression. (A Focus on 5 podcast will be published soon if you are interested) And we made a video of Karen Dawkins’ testimony of how our first touch teams made a difference in her life. I was in tears and I have heard her story a million times. Check it out here.

God is raising our church up to be a church of influence and Matt is doing an amazing job of leading us. (even if he is my husband, I still think he is doing an amazing job)

Remember – you only have one chance to make a first impression.

  • Lisa Reagan

    Dear Martha,
    I want you to know my family is so proud to be a part of the C-3 family!! We have been attending for 16 months and Love the changes that have happened in our lives. None of us were faithful to the Lord until we stepped foot into this Church. I have a 14 and 17 year old who Love coming to Church! I never even liked going to Church growing up. We all serve on a team and can’t wait for each Sunday to hear what our Savior has to say to us,through Pastor Matt. My first impression of C-3 was this place is going to help my family get back on track with Jesus and our family life will be re-newed.(and it has in so many ways) It is so exciting and touching to my Heart to see the difference in my Husband, my Children and myself since we made that Sunday decision to walk through the doors of C-3. Thank you and Pastor Matt for all that you do to bring us the Good News of God. You are both Loved and Respected.

  • Karen

    Martha and Church,
    I still cry each time I share my testimony, and I lived it! Rob gets misty eyed too! I am forever thankful that Dona and Paul loved me as Jesus would my first day at C3. I really came in broken and empty, just like the woman at the well or the helpless paralytic whose friends took him to Jesus. I was like the prodigal son, prideful and self-reliant. But that day, Jesus was there for me, because of the faithful service of the C3 family.
    The tears come, though, because of my overwhelming love for God. He knows us, that we need people. He sent Jesus here as a man to show us His love. Jesus taught the followers to go out and make disciples of all nations. He KNEW it would take people reaching people in unselfish love to make His love known!
    Today, God is my best friend, my healer, my guide, my confidante, my comforter and my forgiver. He is the heart of my marriage, my family, my ministry, and life! He shares my morning coffee and is my last goodnight. He leads me where He wants me to go… sometimes on wild sidetrips, like to China and our daughter, Ellie!
    It’s been six years since that day, and I am not who I was. Finally, I am becoming who He wants me to be, not perfect, but growing. There is nothing more incredible than living the life God has planned… and letting go of my own! I am forever grateful for the pain that brought me to C3 that day, for Pastor Matt’s vision of real hope for real people at C3, for all the lessons learned [and yet to learn], and for a loving, caring, generous and patient God!
    With love in Christ!