Focus on 5 Reflections…Candles, Cross, and Communion

I want to thank Seacoast Church, Pastor Greg Surratt and the Association of Related Churches for hosting the first Focus on 5 Conference in Mt. Pleasant, SC. It was an honor to be on the speaking team and to be able to share with some amazing pastors and church leaders from all over the country. One of the highlights for me, was to hear Pastor Greg Surratt share about his journey to overcome spiritual dryness. He shared that as a result, they changed up their worship service response time by giving people an opportunity to respond by nailing a sin to the cross, taking communion, lighting a candle, or being prayed for by a leader… this was an amazing time of worship. I was overcome by the power and presence of God and it was a time of healing for me personally. It also challenged me to think about helping people connect with God in real and practical ways during worship.

Another highlight was for our team to see how Seacoast is doing multi-site. Seacoast is a church of over 8,000 people with eleven campuses in the Carolinas with a goal of 20 campuses by 2020. It’s exciting to see leaders thinking outside the box.

Oh by the way, I did use one of the comments from the First Impressions blog… and the winner of the Free Starbucks card is… Beverly Webber. (you can read her story here) Congratulations and let me know how we can get you your gift card.

For those that are interested… Seacoast will be putting all of the Focus on 5 sessions on their podcast soon.

  • Dan

    Pastor Matt,
    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to attend. Its amazing to see what God is doing all over. I think that I personally have had God in a box. He could only show up the way I have been taught. Thats not the case.