Five Star – James 4

Yesterday was an amazing day in God’s House.  Anthony Evans was at C3 to lead us in worship, and God showed up in a powerful way.   After  we sang “Healer” Matt got up and had a time of people coming forward for prayer for healing in their life.  It was so powerful, I know people were healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in Jesus Name.

All the songs we did yesterday are on Anthony Evan’s CD, which are in the Source.

I was so impressed with the heart of Anthony, he is the real deal, very authentic, same on stage as he is off.  He sang with the C3 band and was very easy to work with, very gracious.  We will have him back at C3!!

Matt brought an amazing word from James 4.  I loved his statement: Many are at war with others because there is a war going on inside of them. Another great truth he talked about is: Jesus wants to be your best friend but if you are a friend of the world you are an enemy to God.  Wow! Think about that for a while. Do I want to be best friends with God, if so I cannot be friends with the world.  Matt challenged us to lean into God.  Who are you leaning into? If you’d like to listen or watch the full sermon click here.

And of course to answer the question we were bombarded with – where do you ge a banana pudding milk shake?  Chick – Fil-A.  You will have to listen to the sermon to even know why that was in question.

I hate it if you missed church yesterday.  It was amazing.  That is why we don’t miss church because Jesus is there and anything can happen.

Be praying for the team we sent to Haiti.  Their schedule is on my blog and you can know what they are doing on Facebook and twitter.

Have a blessed week,