First Time Ever

Yesterday we launched the HOUSE series and for the first time ever I shared what we normally teach in our Discovery 101 class…  2 hours of material in about 35 minutes!  At the end of the service I asked those who wanted to join C3 to come forward and we had 211 families join, or about 600 + total with children. 


What an amazing experience!  The power and the presence of God was so evident in both services. 

  • Kevin

    God put it on your heart to do something different, and now we know why. It is amazing to see what God is doing through C3!
    You sowed seed into the hearts and lives of the folks at BGEA, and God brings the harvwest at C3!
    Each of those 211 families have already seen how lives are being changed, and now they have the opportunity to really get involved and bring change and healing to other people’s lives.
    Thank you Pastor Matt for being obedient to the Lord’s leading.

  • Rod

    Your obedience to the Lord’s leading and your vision for C3 is simply amazing.
    How awesome it is to see lives changing right before our eyes.
    Thank you!

  • Kirby Canada

    WOW! I was there for my 2nd visit to C3 and was amazed at Gods work thru the C3 ministry. Your online series “One Prayer” had me thirsting to get my relationship with God right. Thank you Pastor Matt for all that you and C3 do. See you at First Wednesday.

  • Larry P. Walls

    Matt I cannot tell you the feeling I had at the front of the church. To see all of the people that god brought to the front of the church was awesome.
    Larry P. Walls

  • buck zengerle

    amazing Matt! May God continue to move through your incredible church. We launch hpc el paso in 5 weeks!

  • al

    OMG!!!!!! It is 11 PM on Wednesday night (06 Aug) and I am now just able to really sit down and compose myself to write about tonight’s First Wednesday service.
    Again I say OMG!!!! I knew this was going to be a powerful time from the very instance the young boy at the door handed me a pen all the way through to the closing song!! POWERFUL night!!! How wonderful it was to come out of church TIRED!!! from praising and worshipping God!!!
    Tonight was incredible!!! I let some things go tonight that I have been needing to let go for a while…..and the video speaking about not magnifying our problems, but let God be magnified in our lives…..I will close as I began…….OMG!!!!!!!