First Building

I remember the week we moved in our current building. We thought it was huge! I remember Matt telling me “I think we built it too big.” And look at all God has done!

The exciting thing is hearing all the testimonies of people whose lives have been changed. I know I’ve seen God change me in so many ways. My job at the church has even changed. I started out being just over worship. Then I stepped down from Worship to oversee First Touch. After that, we added me overseeing Connect Groups. Then we added me overseeing worship again and took away First Touch. Now I just oversee Worship and Connect Groups and anything else Matt gives me. 🙂 So one thing that is consistent about being on staff at C3 is things change!

Hey, how has your life changed?

Check out this picture – Dr. Fallwell did our building dedication. My job is not the only thing that has changed! LOL!


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