Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I have a new theory about Eve’s curse. It is really not pain in childbirth – it is the fact that Adam could loose weight 2-3 times faster than Eve. I know this fast is not about a diet, but all the guys on staff have lost 10 + pounds and I am hoping for 5!

Psalm 139:24
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

The bible tell us we are fearfully and wonderfully made and this fast has helped to open my eyes at what a miracle we are. I have heard a lot of people say I feel like I am more sensitive to what God is saying and what others are saying around me. Then I read this by Jordan Rubin, the author of the Makers Diet, and it blew me away. What we put in our stomach does effect us.

Go With Your Gut
People are taught from childhood to believe that the brain is essentially the “boss” of the body. While it is true that the brain is the centerpiece of our mental capacity and nervous system, it is also a fact that there are nearly one hundred million nerve cells in the gut alone — about the same number found in the spinal cord!

Because so many of your nerve cells are located in the gut, your capacity for feeling and for emotional expression is in large part dependant upon this sensitive area.depends primarily on the gut (and only to a lesser extent, on your brain). By the time you add together the number of nerve cells in the esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines, there are more nerve cells in the overall digestive system than there are in the peripheral nervous system.

Most people would say the brain alone determines whether you are happy or sad, but they have their facts skewed. It seems the gut is more responsible than we ever imagined for how we feel.


Ever had butterflies before a major presentation or a stomachache after making a big decision? This is your body’s way of responding to stressful situations. Notice that the action isn’t happening between your ears. There’s scientific evidence that the body may have two emotional centers — in the brain and in the gut. Next time your body talks, pay careful attention to what it’s saying.


Jordan Rubin Author of the Maker’s Diet

Journal –
1. Write down how what you have been eating has effected you mentally and physically and spiritually.
2. Write down some ways God made you wonderfully. Ladies can tend to be negative when talking about ourselves,and if we say something positive, we feel like we are bragging. Nobody is going to see your journal so say some positive things God did when He made you.
3. What are some habits you have started you are going to keep after the fast is over.

See you at church this weekend!


Today’s Recipe:
Cuban Black Beans & Rice with Tomato Salsa

1 package dried black beans
Vegetable broth (1- 32oz. box)
Chili powder
Chipotle powder
2 cloves garlic

Soak beans overnight in water (cover w/2 inches above beans). Drain and rinse beans. Place beans in sauce pan and add vegetable broth. Add water to cover if needed. Add spices and boil for 1 hour and then simmer until tender (follow package direction if available). Prepare brown rice according to package directions.

Roma Tomatoes quartered
Green onion (1 bunch)
Chili powder

In a food processor, chop tomato, cilantro, green onion with chili powder, garlic, cumin and lime juice by pulsing the blade several times to desired texture. We prefer chunky.

Place rice on individual dishes and top with beans and salsa.

Serves: 6 entrée size

Serve with sliced mango and papaya and lime juice.
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  • Beverley Webber

    I’m so excited, I know the fast is not about losing a few pounds, but it has been a nice “side effect” I have lost 14.5, but then I did have a lot to lose,..hahaha

  • Carol Canady

    Not only are you great at keeping us upbeat, you have become a great friend to us. Your faith and strength have kept us going when things really got rough. God Bless you and Pastor Matt for the work and leadership you are giving us at C3.

  • Debra Wyatt

    CALLS DOWN THE THUNDER. I’ve been telling my husband that for some tine now That when Martha is filed with the Holy Spirit and Prays She calls down the thunder He got to witness that on Wednesday night Thank you. You have been such an inspiration through the 21 days fast. You have been our greatest cheerleader. The sushi got to me also. Your position with Pastor Matt is so Biblical I learn so much watching how you inter act with him. Respect Honor Endearment. I believe you should love your church and if don’t you need to look around for something different. Mick and I LOVE c3 we think it’s the most cutting edge down to earth REAL place of worship. I have experienced some bumps in the road, but through Christian guidance I was able to walk through it with Grace. I took instruction and moved on. I personally wished I knew you better; you would be an awesome mentor. But God has put some strong Christian women in my life. I am right where I need to be. Thank you again for being so real for us not afraid to speak out when needed. You defiantly compliment Pastor Matt………IN HIS GRIP ……….Debra