Fasting Tips for Lunch

Today begins day four of the fast, and we are surviving without coffee!!  Fasting isn't easy, and when you add to it traveling or work lunches in restaurants, it becomes even more difficult.  But,that doesn't mean it can't be done, you just have to be creative!   Our God is a creative God and when He calls us to fast and sacrifice, He provides creative ways for us to be obedient!

Lots of you travel for work and have to eat in restaurants often.  Here are a few suggestions for work lunches:

Make a Daniel fast friendly salad dressing at home and carry it with you in a small container. Most restaurants serve salad, even McDonalds has a salad to choose from…just ask them to leave off the meat! If you forgot your salad dressing, ask for lemons and squeeze fresh lemon juice over your salad.  You can add salt and pepper to taste if you want to. Another idea would be to order a baked potato and steamed vegetables. Make sure you ask them to hold the butter, sour cream etc. Just get the potato!

There are a few chain restaurants with Daniel Fast friendly menus.  At most fast food restaurants you can order a salad, just hold the meat and creamy dressing!  Wendy's even has a baked potato. If you are going to a sit-down restaurant, Applebee’s has a steamed vegetable plate and a vegetable skillet (remember, no butter). P.F. Changs also offers some possibilities. At Ruby Tuesday's, you can make your own big salad – eve you pile on enough vegetables, you will fill up, I promise!

So, if you begin to feel like your day is too busy or it is to inconvenient, just remember to be creative!  Continue to press in and seek God…even at lunch time!  

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