Fasting Survival Kit

Well we are now fully into the fast. Most agree that the
first three days are the most challenging. It’s normal to feel tired, weak and
get headaches because our body is detoxing. Let’s press in, let’s lean in.
Don’t become weary in doing good. God’s doing a mighty work in us! How are you
surviving? Here’s my survival kit during these 21 days of Fasting and Praying.

 Fasting pic
I am trying to drink at least one gallon of water everyday! So far I have been
successful but it does create other challenges.  What comes in must come out! I think someone should invent a
21 Day Prayer and Fasting diaper.

BIBLE – The cool
part of the fast is the additional time in God’s Word.  I’m continuing to read chronologically
through the Bible with YouVersion. I also read a Psalm and Proverbs every day
as well as reading through the book of Acts with our students.

AWAKE21.ORG DEVOTIONALS – There are devotionals for
all 21 days thanks to Pastor Stovall and Kerri Weems from Celebration Church,
Jacksonville, FL

the second time I will use this as a guide. And it’s powerful! Seriously if you
are doing the fast you need to get this journal.

C3 STUDENTS AXIS PRAYER JOURNAL – I am praying along with the C3 Students and reading
through the book of Acts over the next 21 days.  It’s also cool to have two teenagers in my home and we are
discussing it together each night. 
I love this generation! 
They are the key to all God is going to do.

MY PERSONAL JOURNAL – During the fast I am keeping my own journal of what God is speaking to me
about and writing down the areas of prayer I am focusing on.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP MUSIC – I put some songs on my iTunes play list that help me to stay
focused on Jesus.  My goal is to
focus on Him not on what I can’t eat. Praise and Worship prepares our heart and
keeps us focused on Jesus.

James 4:7-8, Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the
devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to
you. Wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double minded.”

I also want to invite all of you that live in the area to
join us for the next three Wednesdays from noon – 1pm at the C3 Church worship
center for a time of prayer and worship. It’s awesome to know that we are all
doing this together! Love you guys!

  • Pastor, this is good. I appreciate you sharing a view from your world. Kudos!
    As it pertains to water consumption, please know that I totally understand. As one trying to lose weight and just be healthier, I’m doing the same (sip). Like you, I’m up making pit stops all day long.
    On the positive side, my skin feels more hydrated (not as dry).
    Way to go, sir!

  • Harry Hartman

    Thank you, pastor Matt. What you shared is very helpful. Bless you!

  • “My goal is to focus on Him not on what I can’t eat. Praise and Worship prepares our heart and keeps us focused on Jesus.”
    That’s the key right there Pastor.
    I’m finding my mind keeps turning to “can I eat_____” when I need to NOT focus on what I’m putting in my mouth as turn my focus to putting more of God’s word in my heart and in my head where it can feed me forever. This morning has actually been harder so I must be doing something right. Praying with you and for you Pastor. Excited to see what God has in store.