Extravagant Woman: Jill Cooper

Yesterday was our Extravagant Conference and it was a day that exceeded every dream and vision!  This week I am going to blog more with pictures and memories of the day!

As an outreach for Extravagant, we partnered with New Hope Pregnancy and held a baby shower! We collected  100 packages of diapers, 140 packages of wipes, 27 diaper bags and several other baby items Thank you to all the ladies that brought baby items to share with New Hope Pregnancy Center!

One of the highlights of the conference was that our team had prayed over and chosen a woman in our church that lives EXTRAVAGANTLY for God, and the decision was unanimous….Jill Cooper!  Jill has an amazing testimony of how she’s allowed God to take her ‘mess’ and make it a message for His glory.  Take a look at her testimony video.  Thank you Jill for being a woman who lives EXTRAVAGANTLY for God!

  • Marcy

    I’m heading to a Mom Heart Conference next weekend with Sally Clarkson (homeschool) and wasn’t sure I’d be able to make to Extravagant. Even after registering, I felt a bit guilty knowing I was leaving my family two weekends in a row. Those feelings of guilt and wondering if I’d done the right thing went out the door within the first five minutes! Thank you, Martha, Sheila, Janet, Katie, and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this conference incredible! LIFE. CHANGING.