Exciting Stuff!

Somebody asked me if I was still floating from this past weekend, no I’m flying high. It’s one thing to dream and pray, but it’s another thing to see the dream unfolding with your eyes. It didn’t take long for Coates Grading to get their trucks rolling. Here’s a picture of my buddy Mike driving the bulldozer (you’re my hero).

It’s amazing to think that God would allow us to experience this together. When the building is completed it will be a testimony to the power of God, and C3 will have more room for hurting people!

(here’s Martha and I having fun while the grading begins)

Our Middle School Ministers, Cory and Krystal Bolduc, shared with me that they had over 130 middle school students and leaders Sunday night at Fusion, and 13 prayed to receive Christ! Keep rockin’ for Jesus.

(here’s a picture of Cory with Phil Dooley, Youth Pastor at Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia.)

A new church, Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC led by Pastor Jeff Kapusta (former Minister of Students at C3) and Daryl Strickland (former staff member at C3) just had their first Fall Kick Off with over 300 in attendance. Way to go guys! We’re proud of you. If you live near the beach (or if you go there on vacation) go check it out.

These are exciting days to be alive!

  • Bruce

    What a great report on the 13 new believers! God is doing incredible things!
    Be careful on the heavy machinery! You forgot your hard hats! 🙂

  • I wear sneakers

    Only YOU could wear those shoes on heavy equipment and pull it off!
    You go!!!!

  • Crystal

    Glad to see Lifepoint mentioned. They are truly doing great things for God.

  • Matt,
    You guys are cranking it. Keep it up. You are a major inspiration to us here at the beach. I miss you guys but I sure love surfing.
    C3 Rocks!!!!
    Jeff Kapusta

  • Mike Coates

    Just a couple of comments:
    1. you don’t “drive” a bulldozer-they do not have steering wheels.
    2. The shoes do not meet insurance regs.
    3. (well, three) You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Anisa

    To add to Mike Coates comments:
    Alan noticed you weren’t wearing your “helmets” either:)

  • chrisp

    Who cares what you were wearing (shoes or hats)…did you have fun on the bulldozer? I bet it was a blast! Keep pressing on!

  • Tammy Jacquay

    Hey guys
    It was so exciting to see the work that had been started this weekend. It is an amazing time right now. God is doing incredible things in the student ministry and throughout C3. I am also happy to hear Lifepoint church is doing so well. Kevin and I visited last year and it was great.
    P.S. Please be careful on the bulldozers.