Exciting Week Ahead!

Today we are half way into the fast, and my prayer is that God has been providing clarity for you in the last seven days, and will continue to in the next seven days to come.  There are exciting days ahead for C3, and as we fast and put God first, He is preparing us for all that is coming.

One special event that is coming up this week is our Kingdom Builder's Gathering this Wednesday night.  We are going to have Mark Miller, Vice President of Training & Development for Chic-fil-A, here as a guest speaker.  He is an awesome leader, speaker, and man of God.  Matt has actually had the opportunity to travel to India with him, and we are so excited to host him.

Also, on Wednesday night, we will be serving FREE Chic-fil-A sandwiches (if you're fasting, you can take the evening off for a sandwich :))  from 5:30pm-6:45pm before the service. Then, after the service, you can go to the Source and have Mark Miller's book, "The Secret:  What Great Leaders Know and Do" signed by him.

It is going to be an awesome night and you don't want to miss it!!!   See you tonight!

Keep pressing in!

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