You may have heard that on Sunday at C3 I’m going to share some exciting news. Yep it’s true… it’s pretty exciting.  Not only for our students, but for the whole family and our community. So tomorrow during the service I will share with the C3 family.  2011 has already been an amazing year and we have seen about 400 people make a decision for Christ! Every one of them have received a free Bible and many are in a Fresh Start connect group. There’s really nothing more exciting than a changed life but this is also pretty cool. I love when God gives you opportunities to build His kingdom when you aren’t even looking for it. 

So you might be thinking what is it?  Well I can tell you a few things that it’s not…

  1. I am not getting a hair piece.
  2. Martha is not having a baby.
  3. We are not putting a McDonalds in our church
  4. We are not giving away a free Harley.
  5. We are not going to extend our fast another 21 days

See ya tomorrow.  

  • Leigh

    I really thought you were getting a hair piece Pastor and I must admit I thought Martha might be pregnant. She is glowing but I guess that’s just cause she’s married to an amazing man who doesn’t need a hair piece, and please don’t put McD in the church, it’s not fast friendly and I really think you should rethink the free Harley.