I am excited to announce that my new book

“I AM”, Encountering The One Who Gives You Purpose and Peace in a Crazy World,

will be launched on Wednesday, February 1 with pre-orders. When you pre-order I AM you will also receive the video curriculum and the ebook for free!

The book will officially be released on, May 2, 2017

I AM will help readers understand that their past does not define them, that their fears and insecurities can be replaced with the promises of God’s Word. The big idea of the book is: when I have a fresh encounter with the GREAT I AM, that’s when I discover who I am. The I AM book is based off the 7 I Am declarations of Jesus and will answer the following questions that we often deal with:

  •    Are you satisfied?
  •    Do you feel lost?
  •    Do you feel secure?
  •    Do you know who you can trust?
  •    Do you need power?
  •    Do you need more of God?
  •    Are you connected?

And the book concludes with 31 I AM promises to declare over your life and future!

Go to EncounterTheGreatIAM.com on Wednesday and preorder the book and help us spread the word. I believe the principles in this book will help anyone no matter where they are in their journey with God.

  • Amanda L Penny

    The link to purchase a copy?

    • Caroline Grace Fry

      Yes! Go to EncounterTheGreatIAm.com and you can pre-order.