Easter Weekend… Just 4 Days Away

Easter comes early this year!  Someone said this is the earliest we will see Easter the rest of our lives.  The next time Easter will be celebrated this early will be 2228 and I will be 262 years old!  Not sure eating Organic foods and taking vitamins will help me live that long.  This weekend at C3 we will have 3 Easter services:  Saturday, 5pm and Sunday, 9:15 and 11:15am.  Let me encourage you to get the word out and invite others to attend this weekend.  Here’s a creative way to invite your friends… go to youtube.com and go to the C3 Easter Commercial and then “send the link to a friend”.  This weekend is going to be amazing as we celebrate Easter for the first time in our new building.  Can’t wait to see you and experience God’s power!