I’m still reflecting on all that God did this last weekend.  Wow! Amazing to hear from pastor friends around the country all that God did in their churches.  I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be the most blessed and fruitful year ever.  Here are a few of my thoughts…

I Am So Blessed… to serve with such an amazing team! The creative team, tech team, next generation team, first touch, worship teams, etc.  All of them went above and beyond and with passion!  Everyone has a “whatever it takes” attitude.

One Year Makes A Difference… last year we had 2 services on 1 campus and this year we had 6 services on 2 campuses (Clayton and Raleigh).  Amazing what God has done in one year as we have continued to move forward with His vision beyond what we can do on our own! This is the 11th Easter for C3 Church and we had the highest attendance ever in the history of the church.  But C3 Raleigh celebrated their first Easter with close to 400 attending and 8 making decisions for Christ.  Every person matters to God!

C3 Church Gets It!  I am blessed to pastor a church that understands what it’s all about… Others!  Reaching out to people who don’t have a relationship with Christ.  Many attended a service at a different time to free up a seat on the prime time Sunday morning hour.  What was amazing was that we had 1700 attend on Saturday night.

What If?  What if we treated every weekend like Easter?  What if every weekend we trusted God for BIG things?  What if every weekend we expected God to change many lives?  What if every weekend we put the creative and planning into our services that we do for Easter?  What if every weekend believers attended a different service to free up a seat on the prime time Sunday morning hour?  What if every weekend people came to celebrate the resurrection with passion?  What if every weekend people brought their friends to hear the message of Christ?  Guess what?  Every weekend we do celebrate that Jesus is Alive! If we approach every weekend with that kind of passion there is no limit to what God could do in our churches!
Easter2009011-vi Easter2009069-vi