Easter Weekend is going to be very special this year at C3
Church as we celebrate Jesus and His resurrection. I can’t wait to worship with
you, your family and friends. Let me encourage you to do a few things…

Pray – Pray with
me that God will do something supernatural this year. There are a lot of
hurting people that need to know that there is HOPE and that hope is found in

Invite – Invite
as many people as you can using our invite cards, Facebook, Twitter, and just
having conversations. You never know how God might use your simple invitation
to change their life.

Bring – Let me
encourage you to not only invite them but offer to bring them, take them out to
eat before or after. This will allow for some great relationship building and

Celebrate – Come
with expectation to celebrate all that God has done and all that He is going to
do. Easter is the most exciting time of year not because of the Easter eggs and
the Easter bunny but because we have a Savior that rose victoriously from the
grave. All of Christianity is built upon this truth.  He’s Alive! Come on let’s celebrate!

 Feel free to share this video with others as you invite them
to Easter @C3_Church!