East Coast / West Coast

This weekend is going to be awesome! Pastor Steve Wilburn from Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, California will be our guest speaker at all 4 weekend services.
Pastor Steve is the High School Pastor at Harvest where Pastor Greg Laurie is the Senior Pastor a church he founded in the 70’s and has over 15,000 in attendance every weekend. Pastor Greg is also well known for his Harvest Crusades that are held around the world every year and will be in Raleigh at the RBC Center, June 22-24.
On this same weekend, I will be traveling to Southern California to speak at Harvest Christian Fellowship. I am honored that they would have this NC boy come and speak at this dynamic church. I will be speaking Sunday night at their Day 7 service. Recording artist Paul Wright will be doing a concert before I speak and I am (as they say in S. Cal) STOKED! I might even do a little surfing while I’m out there…. That should be interesting!
If you want to check out the service it will be live simulcast… just go to www.day7.tv and you can watch the entire service… 6pm West Coast, 9pm East Coast. It will also be archived if you want to watch it later.
I love how God partners us together for Kingdom purposes!

  • Pipes

    Have fun in sunny California! Make sure you get an In & Out burger while you are there!. They are the best! Have fun driving in LA traffic and be sure to stay off I-5.
    Blessings on your trip, Ps Matt!

  • traci carithers

    pastor Matt,
    I am Riverside Cali and i think you will love it, i hope the weather is nice for you and i hope you do get a chance to catch some waves but i will tell you the beaches out there are not as awesome as the ones here. Enjoy your trip.

  • Duane

    I checked out Day 7’s webcast from last week. Their worship band is awesome. You are going to have a great time. Can’t wait to see what God has planned for this weekend.

  • Ray

    Pastor Matt,
    My Name is Ray, I got the chance to meet you after Day 7 on stage while taking to Gabe (worship leader for Day 7)We were blessed by your teaching and I wanted to let you know that I look forward to attenting your church and the Harvest Crusade in Raleigh. Hopefully you’ll come back to Harvest soon! The entire Harvest staff and the SWAT Team is praying for Raleigh and we can’t wait to see what God is going to do!
    God Bless you Pastor Matt!!

  • Jane – the Figs

    so, how awesome was it to see pastor matt last night, LIVE on day7 tv? pretty amazing! it was great to see the impact you have on others outside of C3. God is just doing some wonderful things & i’m glad my family can participate & contribute to the explosion that’s occurring @ C3.
    thanks pastor matt & martha for keeping true to the vision God has placed in your hearts & thank you, even more, for embracing & encouraging all of us.
    can’t wait to hear this week-end about pastor matt surfing!