Dreams Come True

What an amazing weekend we have just had! As a family and as a church body, we were all able to see a dream come true with our Grand Opening Celebration yesterday.

When I was thinking about all that God has done for C3 through this building project I was reminded that if God can have such an amazing plan for a building, then the things He has in store for the lives of His children are even more incredible! You matter so much more to God than a building!

Matt’s sermon was encouraging and challenging as he reflected on the vision, faith, and pupose of Noah. He challenged us to live a life of righteousness that would set us apart in God’s eyes. God had a great plan for Noah’s life that required vision. What vision is God giving you for your life?

It was so awesome to have Matt’s sisters here to celebrate with us!


Isn’t it awesome that God not only has a great plan for our lives, but also for the lives of our family members? He gives us the gift of family so that we can all take this journey together!

Take some time today and this week to praise God for the dreams that you have seen come true in your life. If He has given you a vision, ask Him for wisdom, faith, and obedience to walk in that vision. If you have never asked God for a vision, ask Him today to begin to plant His dreams in your heart. You will be amazed at all that God has planned!

Have a great day!


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