Doing Life Together

One of the greatest blessings of fasting is the intimacy and closeness that comes with Christ when you truly press in and seek His direction and His voice.  The clarity that comes with fasting is what can keep you going when you feel like giving in.  Remember, those times will come when you get tired and worn down, but in those times, instead of giving up, press in.  Take time to pray, read your Bible, listen to worship music, go for a walk…whatever it takes to realign your thoughts and remind yourself why you are doing this.

Another great inspiration during fasting is having family and friends in our life that are fasting along with us. When we fast and pray as individuals, we see God displayed in our lives in miraculous ways, but when a group of people join together and fast and pray, we can see God move in families, communities, schools, churches, and even nations.  

On days when I am feeling a little tired, it is such a blessing to talk to my family or to talk to a friend, and hear what God is teaching them and showing them while they are fasting.  As we talk together about how God is moving in their life, it also gives me a clearer picture of how I can pray for them during the fast.  So, I encourage you to take time to talk and pray with those people who are close to you while you fast.  

And, speaking of being in relationships and talking and praying with friends, this weekend at C3 we are going to have Connect Group sign up's in the lobby all weekend.  Our Connect Groups are the heartbeat of our church, and we encourage everyone to join a group to grow closer in their relationship with Christ, while also growing in relationship with other believers.  It is a great way to do life together!  So, come this weekend and check out the Connect Group tables in the lobby and see which night and which type of group (men, women, or couples) is best for you.

Keep Pressing In,

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