Do You Need A Healing Today?

I had a discussion with a pastor yesterday about the desire to reach out to hurting people so that God can heal them and restore them.  The reality is that everyone of us is either in need of a healing or we know someone who is.  I recently heard a worship song for the first time and I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit through the video.

Check out this video testimony by Mike Guglielmucci who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

And you can watch him lead the worship at Hillsong Church here.

Everytime I watch this video I can’t help but thank God that HE is the mighty Healer and All Things Are Possible With God!  Watch the video…. Let God minister to you… and let me know what you think. You can also go to We plan on doing this song for the first time @ C3 at First Wednesday, Aug. 6.  Gonna be a powerful night of worship!

  • debbie

    amazing, a beautiful reminder of the infinte power of our awesome God…

  • Shannon Brummer

    Wow! That was really powerful! Thanks for sharing that. It totally gave me goosebumps!!

  • Shannon Brummer

    Wow! That was really powerful! Thanks for sharing that. It totally gave me goosebumps!!

  • Shannon Brummer

    Wow! That was really powerful! Thanks for sharing that. It totally gave me goosebumps!!

  • Cristal Dupree

    One word, Amazing.. I had chill Bumps through the entire video.

  • What a powerful reminder that God can work ANYTHING for the good of those who love Him & for the saving of those who don’t. He is above everything. Praise be to our God in ALL things!

  • Alice

    That was absolutely amazing and incredible! God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, and this is yet another example of that! This song and story are a legacy that will likely bring many people to Jesus for generations to come! Praise God!

  • Amy

    Amazing video!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • I was moved (both times I’ve watched it now)! Thanks for sharing this testimony with us!

  • Angi Bittle

    I was a new christian, 21 and single when the doctor told me that my 20 month old daughter had cancer. I know God used that time to increase my faith, but it’s still refreshing today, as I sit here with my 16 yo HEALTHY daughter, to hear stories like this one.
    The part of his testimony that stuck out to me was that he went to church that night with a sense of expectancy of Jesus would do. I pray for that now each time I come into C3…to know and expect God to do amazing things in my life, my daughters lives and my husbands life.
    Amazing is His Grace!!!!
    ~Angi Bittle

  • Tami Poland

    No words can express the power of the Spirit moving through this song of Honor to Him. I wept as I was faced with the faith of those singing this song. The challenge is to have that strength of faith, confidence in who God is, to live life with a sense of expectancy every day for the Spirit to do something supernatural every day in our lives! Praise God!

  • Cathy Fallon

    Thank you for sharing this. Oh, how I can relate. When I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, which is considered the rare and deadly form, Kevin and I got down on our knees and gave it to God. All I can say is look what God has done in me and through me. Look out, He has so much more in store!!!!!

  • Ann

    Wow! It passes through your core -bursting your heart with love for the amazing power of our savior!