Do You Have Margins in Your Life?

Several months ago, Matt and I were invited to go to Swaziland with Children’s Cup and take our whole family.  We leave next week and are so excited about our first opportunity as a family to take a mission trip to another country.  After planning the Swaziland trip, I was invited to attend a women’s conference in Dallas, Texas with Leadership Network.  As soon as I was invited, I signed up!

Well, after all is said and done and flights have been scheduled, it turns out that I return from Dallas at 11:00pm on Tuesday and leave for Swaziland on Wednesday at noon!  Where is the margin in that???

But, I know that none of this comes as a surprise and He has great things in store for both the Dallas conference and the trip to Swaziland. 

Stay tuned for updates and information on Swaziland.  Be praying for our family as we go and prepare the way for more groups from C3 to impact Africa for Christ.


  • Leigh

    Will be in constant prayer for you and your family in your travels in the coming weeks. You will be missed!

  • Beverley Webber

    Hey Martha,
    You go!! I know that what you have to share will equal what you bring back from both trips, I am excited for you guys going to Africa, what a gift to be able to go and share with the Children!
    Your Children will be so enriched from this experience!!!
    Have a great time, we will be praying for you and looking for twitter updates! (if you can make them)