Do You Have a Friend?

As we are approaching Friend Weekend I am praying
about my Top 10 list of friends that I will invite. I am sure if we all looked
around our neighborhoods, workplaces, and even in our families,  we could
think of people that need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. We've made it
really simple for you to invite your friends and will provide stationary for
you this weekend, including a sample letter, to give to those you would like to
invite.  John 15:15 “Greater love
has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”
God calls
us to reach the ends of the earth with his life-changing message but He also
wants us to walk across the street, go to the office beside ours, talk to our
teachers and invite those that we are directly connected with to church. You
never know how one small invitation can change a person’s life and eternal

This year we will have a little different flow by adding a Tailgate Party. I
hear we're having some games set up and of course some red hot dogs. Get here
early and don't forget to wear your favorite team jersey. It's going to be a
great time of fun, fellowship and life-change. 

If you didn't get your Top 10
list you can grab one this weekend so you can add your names and be praying
over who you will invite. Also, get your stationary and get them in the mail or
hand them out. My prayer is that this Friend Weekend will be our best one yet.

Tailgate Weekend

  • Hey, Can we talk you into some BROWN hot dogs? Please? Thanks!