Discovering Some Cool Stuff…and This Weekend @ C3

I attended a powerful leadership workshop this week led by author and speaker, Dr. John Trent.
Dr. Trent is the President and Founder of StrongFamilies and has authored over a dozen best sellers including the book “The Blessing” which has sold over one million copies. He has been helping leaders and pastors understand their strengths and how to best build teams for many years. As he was sharing examples of personalities and tendencies, it was encouraging and eye opening for me.

He describes our personalities and leadership styles as being Lions, Beavers, Golden Retrievers, or Otters. I discovered that I’m a Lion! Sounds kind of weird but take the test and you’ll understand. You can go online to and take your own assessment. It’s amazing how accurate it is.

This weekend is going to be awesome at Cleveland Community Church. If you are within driving distance of our church you won’t want to miss it. I can’t tell you what the surprise is but I’ll just say that I’m bringing a little of Australia to C3! It will definitely be a weekend to remember. Bring a friend and let’s experience God’s power together!

  • Pastor Matt, once again I had the pleasure of attending a C3 service. Each time God brings me here, I’m amazed at the state in which I leave. I never teared up so much as I did today. Pastor Dooley’s message last evening was AMAZING. I really enjoyed listening to him. Thanks for bringing that kind of “surprise” to our side of the world. It was appreciated. May God Bless your day! Lisa 🙂

  • Tami

    I read John Trent’s book “Leading from Your Strengths”. It was very insightful in how we are all created uniquely to be leaders for God. It was an inspiring read on how we can all work together to do more for the Kingdom!
    Thanks for being a leader that I look up to!