Did You See American Idol?

I have to be honest… I’m not a huge American Idol fan. I usually don’t get into it until it gets to the finals. The early auditions kind of get on my nerves. But, I watched it tonight because my friend Greg Surratt told me that one of his worship leaders at Seacoast Church was going to be on it. His name is Chris Sligh and he’s 28 years old and he stole the show. Great voice and an off the wall humor that made me laugh and he’s headed to Hollywood. By the way you can learn more about Chris by going to (frommymindtoyoureyes.blogspot.com)
Guess I’ll be watching a little more of American Idol this season…

  • no way. my family picked chris as our new current favorite so far – not knowing he was from seacoast!
    that’s way cool.
    he’s hilarious – the “chubby little hands” comment had us all rolling.
    i love his humor – i like that he’s not a supermodel type – and now i can like him for the fact that he’s a seacoaster.
    what else could we want in an american idol? certainly not an ian benardo, huh?

  • We have lots of talented, chubby people at Seacoast.

  • Let’s clarify Matt – he’s the worship leader at Seacoast Greenville. 😉

  • jane from the figs

    i’m an american idol follower & have often wondered, along with many of you out there, do some of the ppl that audition have family & friends? i realize it is a show & having some off-key personalities & singers gives it its ratings. anyhow, i wasn’t able to catch the show last night b/c i was @ worship rehearsal w/our own american idol, mr. pipes 🙂 mike & i are blessed beyond words to be a part of such a wonderful team, but most important, to be a part of God’s team!

  • Erika

    Chris was really AWESOME!
    I love the fact that he is so comfortable with who he is and his dry humor had me “rollin”, but it was that voice that got me!
    Just think of all the hurting and lost people that he could touch by being a Christ follower that won American Idol!
    “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.”
    Psalm 33:3
    I think I would love SeaCoast…being a semi talented chubby person myself:)

  • Rob Ketterling

    I think our “connection” has a better shot! Let me know what you think. (Check it out at robketterling.com American Idol blog and let me know what you think)

  • Pipes

    Chris? He was good, but I wonder what the competition would be like if they lifted the age limit and let ANYONE try out. Then we’d have a competition…you know what I mean?

  • Wow! My husband and I were watching that the other night and as soon as Chris began to sing I thought “I love this guy”! He’s got a great personality as well as an awesome voice. I had no idea who he was or where he was from, but we already love him. I hope he goes all the way and influences many people along the way to follow Christ!