Diary as We Walk in Israel

Day One in Israel
Matt and I in the middle of a Coliseum
We traveled to Caesarea first thing Wednesday morning.  Biblical things that happened at Caesarea:
Acts 8:4-40       Philip prolaims the good anews along the Coastal Plain.
Acts 9:26-30     Paul sails from Caesarea after his life is threatened in Jerusalem.
Acts 10             Peter preaches to the household of Cornelius at Caesarea.
Acts 12:19-23   Agrippa I dies at Caesarea.
 Acts 23-26        Paul under house arrest and stands trial before felix and Agrippa II.
A spiritual lesson I learned at Caesarea was Paul was under house arrest here, that was probably not his plan.  He was a mover and a shaker.  He had things to do, places to go, people  to talk to and yet God brought a pause in his life.  However, during Paul’s pause Luke was meeting people who had seen Jesus since the ressurection and gathering data so he could write Luke and Acts.  And then Paul was taken to Rome in chains.  Again that was not his plan on how he would get to Rome, but God had another plan.   Our charge is not to figure God out but to obey God.   Trust that He is always working even we we are at a pause in our life.
Physically what I take away from Caesarea was how grand the buildings were that were left standing and how amazing they must have been during the Romas Empire.  Herod’s palace at Caesarea was grand.  The palace extends into the Mediterranean Sea and consists of a lower palace and an upper palace.  There was a pool right in the middle of the house from the Mediterranean Sea.  Herod loved beautiful views and the views here are amazing.
We also saw the theater, or the ruins and what has been remodeled, because it is still used today.
The Harbor, where Paul sailed to Rome, the temple that was built by Herod to the godess Roma and Augustus, the stadium where Herod held chariott races,  (they were very poopular like nascar is today) and the Aqueduct system, how they transported water from the springs.
As we were walking where the chariot races would have been over to the harbor we had to walk across a walk way.  It was a very windy day so waves were crashing up against the walk way.  So you had to time it just right so you wouldn’t get wet.  Well, I made  it past the place where the water had been splashing up against the  walk way, however, a huge unexpected wave came up and drentched a bunch of us.  So, I walked around wet for most of the day.   🙂
We also went to Mount Carmel where:
1Kings 18:16-46    Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Ba’al.
2Kings 4:45            Elisha meets the shunammite woman.
Song of Sol. 7:6     The beloved’s head is like Carmel.
Isaiah 33:9     Carmel is striped bare.
Isaiah 35:2    The desert will blossom like carmel and the Sharon Plain.
Jeremiah 46:18; 50:19   Jeremiah’s prophecy
Amos 1:2    The summit of Carmel shall wither because the Lord roars from Zion.
Amos 9:3     Amos’ prophecy.
Nahum 1:4   Nahum’s prophecy
Last place we visited was Megiddo.
Spiritual lesson learned here was:  Don’t put your trust in horses and chariots.   It is out of obedience that you get to stay in the land.  What am I putting my trust in?