Day 3 in Israel

Today was an amazing day.  We started it off at the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized.   You can be baptized in the Jordan if you choose.   Our second  child, Caroline, wanted to be baptized by her dad in the Jordan, and a couple from C3 Donny and Lisa were baptized by Matt also.

Also on this day we went back in time. We went to a Jewish community of about 400 families. One of the families takes you back in time to experience how the Jews would have lived in Jesus’ day. We dressed like they would have dressed, we picked wheat, milled it and made bread and cooked it.  It tasted amazing.  Then we ate like Jesus would have eaten growing up, stools around a small table.  We even rode donkeys.  It was such a fun day!!  Here are some pictures of us going back in time.