Day 2 in Israel

Caleb & me sitting on a stone where you would read the Word of God in a Synagogue

After walking around wet most of the day on Wednesday I was hoping Thursday I would be dry.  Didn’t happen.  It was raining when we woke up and rained most of the morning.  Since Israel doen’t get much rain and they need rain I didn’t feel like I could pray it would stop so I spent the second day wet…really drenched would be a better word.  But how many times are you in Israel? So, we just got wet.

First stop was overlooking where Jesus fed the 5,000.  While our guide was sharing with us, we all just got rained on.  Something cool our guide shared was the 5,000 could have been John the Baptist’s disciples.

Then we went to an ancient Synagogue.  We stood where they would read the Tora (BIble) and got to sit in the “seat of Moses”.  This is where they would explain what they had read.   I can’t imagine preaching sitting down in one spot.  WOW!  🙂

Sitting on the Seat of Moses

I don’t think I mentioned we were staying in a hotel on the Sea of Galilee.  This is where Jesus did 95% of His miracles.  That was a very surreal feeling to be up reading the book of Luke by the Sea of Galilee.

Matt by the Sea of Galilee

And on Thursday night we went for a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  The reason we went at night is because fishermen fish at night and that is when the disciples would have fished.   It really looks more like the size of a lake, but it was awesome to be out on the Sea of Galilee at night and try to imagine Jesus out there calming the storm, Peter walking on water, and the disciples catching so many fish they had to call for another boat.