Date Night

As we approach the weekend, lots of you will be going out on dates! If we aren’t careful, date nights can be another time to be together but not really connect. So, Matt and I have a few questions that we ask each other on date nights to help us be intentional with our time together.

Hope this helps you!

1. What is one thing you appreciate about the other person?

2. What is new information you need to communicate?

3. What question do you have for me about anything?

4. What complaint with a request for change do you have? (Must be behavioral)

5. Share a wish, hope or dream.

6. How can I pray for you?

Pray together.

  • Corinne

    Awesome, really liked these ideas when we heard them in church, can’t thank you enough!!

  • Barb L

    Thanks for putting these on your blog. I loved listening to you and Matt discuss this during your Get Real service. I wrote most of them down, and tried them on our last date night. After 26 years of marriage, it is often too comfortable to just sit and read or eat and not truly spend time together.