Daniel’s Fast Must Haves

As we get closer and closer to Sunday, I am getting more and more expectant of all that God is going to do through our church and all the ways He is going to provide for our church, as we join together in prayer and fasting for 21 days.  

The fast begins Sunday evening, January 11 and ends Saturday, January 31.  Along with praying and seeking God for strength and wisdom before starting, it's also important to shop for groceries!

If you've never done the Daniel's Fast…here is a little 'survival list' of things that I (along with some of my friends) like to keep stocked at home.

Plenty of fresh fruit

Plenty of raw veggies

Brown Rice


Beans…and more beans 🙂

All Natural Peanut Butter – it's a little scary when you first see it b/c all the oil sits on top; stir it up and then refrigerate it…after a few days you won't know the difference  :)

Ezekiel Bread – you can find this in the frozen food section…it takes some getting use to, but it's filling 

Your favorite all-natural juices (orange, apple, grape…)

Nuts (great for a little boost)

Hummus (use as dip w/ veggies)
For a sweet treat…frozen mango (or your favorite fruit), honey, and soy milk…awesome for smoothies

What is something that you keep stocked?  Over the next few weeks, we'll share lots of tips and recipes with each other.  

Remember, with God's strength we can do all things!

Praying for you,
  • Marcy

    During a daniel fast we keep big bags of frozen broccoli. There are usually coupons in the paper and now they come in very convient steamer bags. Look at the ingredients make sure nothing is added. We add a little lemon juice or soy sauce. The kids will eat it with butter and/or cheese (hard to get a 3 year old to do the Daniel Fast :)).

  • Jennifer Williams

    So great to see that you have the Ezekiel bread on the list. Did you know that Ezekiel also has a breakfast cereal? Saw it at Lowes in Raleigh. Can you use tofu or soy based products for the fast?

  • Brittany Sealey

    Kernel Popcorn is good for a snack, only no butter on it!
    Also we eat pasta a lot so whole wheat pasta is a great choice for us.