Cool Pics and This Weekend

Here’s are some more of my favorite pictures of our Groundbreaking Celebration Weekend. I am so proud of our leaders and volunteers for helping make this weekend a historic event and as one guest shared with me… “First Class”.

(C3 Worship Team rocked the house!)

(Not sure what I’m doing here)

(Groundbreaking Ceremony crowd)

(Me and Martha leading the ceremony)

(Pastor Billy Hornsby sharing at the GB ceremony)

(Me and Senator Fred Smith at GB ceremony)

(Me and my son, breaking ground…next generation)

Don’t forget this weekend I will begin a series called Running With The Giants. We will be taking a lap around the track with some men and women in the Bible who have made a difference in our world. Be sure and get your copy of the book by Dr. John Maxwell (same title) and let’s begin reading it together.

Also this weekend, Jason Ryder and the Late Nite Band (from Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA) will be in concert at C3… All 4 services and Sunday night for our See You at the Pole Rally for our students. This weekend is going to be powerful!

  • Pipes

    Hey Pastor Matt,
    Ground Breaking Weekend was “off the chain”! Great beginning to an amazing journey. I’m looking forward to amazing things ahead.
    Bring it on!

  • Steven

    We had a great weekend and the pictures are awesome but I think the most meaningful is you and Caleb digging together. He may be the next pastor??WOW Way to go Caleb

  • Kevin

    You and Caleb – that picture captures why we do what we do. It’s not about the building – it is about him and all of his friends yet to come.

  • You guys look awesome! We’re glad you had such a memorable groundbreaking…we’ve been praying for you guys. Expect some BIG stuff from God this year!Miss ya bro.