Connect Groups Kicked Off!

We are into an exciting season at C3!  Our Connect Groups kicked off this week, and today I got to meet with my Connect Group for the first time this semester.  For all you ladies that could make it work for your schedule, we meet every Thursday morning here at C3 in the COnference Room at 10am.  Childcare is provided.  I love our group because we have everything from single ladies to moms of preschoolers to those whose children are grown up and have families of their own.  If you would like to join our group, you can email my assistant at

It that time doesn’t work for you, we have lots of other connect groups that meet throughout the week.  Just call the church office at 919-934-3551 or email and we will get you in a group!  We also have groups for married couples if you would like to go with your spouse.

At C3 we believe so much in Connect Groups and think that every member should be a part of one.  Connect Groups are where we do life together with other believers.  Our connect groups are where close relationships are formed with other men and women.  Through connect groups you get cared for – when you have a baby, they celebrate with you; when there is a loss in your family, they grieve with you.

We hear testimony after testimony of how people come to C3 and worry that they won’t meet anyone because it seems so big, but then they got involved in a connect group and all of a sudden, it didn’t seem so big because they had lots of great relationships.

  • Jill Cooper

    We love Connect Groups! They are so important to the health of our church and for our spiritual growth. It’s great when you meet someone at your connect group and then you see them at C3. You are prayed for, cared for and encouraged in your life situations whatever they may be. Wish I could join your group, Martha. You are an awesome bible teacher and leader. Thanks for everything you do!

    C.G. Coaches,
    Jill and Mark Cooper

  • Oh my, wow. I have been praying and fasting. And Thursday was 3 days left of just liquid for me. I was praying about something and Martha spoke the answer to me. God is so Amazing!