Congratulations Graduates!

This weekend we recognized all graduates who were graduating from high school, college, graduate school and our C3 Leadership College students! It’s always exciting to honor these students as they step in to new seasons of life. Our oldest daughter, Gloria, just graduated from high school so it was an extra special weekend for us! 

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Three years ago we launched our C3 Leadership College, which had been a dream in our hearts for several year before that. The Leadership College can be a one, two or three year program. Some students may be in the program one year and then go to college or into a field of work and others may do all three years if they feel a call to ministry.

In 2010, we started with 5 students and all 5 have gone through all three years of the program and are graduating this month! Some are going to be joining our C3 staff and some are going to be going to college to further their education! We are so proud of these 5 and all of our C3 Leadership College students!

Here are a couple quotes from some of our graduating students. If you would like more information about our C3 Leadership College, you can click here!

“In a culture that almost rewards college-aged students to fall away from God when they become adults I am proud to say that this Leadership College is changing that kind of mindset. 
Not only have I grown closer to God but I plan to glorify God in the future continue ministry through the film industry.”

– Mitch Figueras, C3LC 3rd year


“My life over the past 3 years has been a living illustration of Philippians 2:13. My heart was set on a perfectly good and well-deserved future. Yet God, in His magnificent power and foresight, brought me to the end of myself and of what I could do, and caused me to fix my eyes on Him like I never had before. He cultivated in me a desire to love Him and His purposes, and through perpetual amounts of patience and grace, has brought about fruit in my life that is both excellent and pleasing to Him; plans and a future that are infinitely less deserved by me and unfathomably better than perfectly good.”

– Axel Escarcega, C3LC 3rd year