Church Planting in Europe

One of our Kingdom Builder focuses for 2011 is church planting in Europe and specifically Gothensburg, Sweden.  Last year I had the privilege of spending time with Pastor Thomas Jonsson who is a leader of the Europe Advance church planting movement.  He is going to lead the church plant in Gothensburg which is the second largest city in Sweden. They are in desperate need for life-giving churches that can reach out to those who are hurting and in need of a relationship with Christ.

I’m excited to share that Pastor Thomas will be with us here at C3 for the next week and you will get a chance to meet him this Sunday. 

Here’s a video he made for us.  As you can tell God is really moving in his life and the potential in Europe is unlimited!

C3 greeting, march 2011 from Kristet Center Väst on Vimeo.