Church Planting… NC Baptist… Building the Kingdom

This past Monday I had the privilege of speaking to the staff of the NC Baptist Convention… Yea that’s right… Baptist Convention.  I had a great time sharing with them some thoughts and principles on leadership.  I believe you can go to their web site and hear my talk. 


C3 has several partnerships that include… ARC – church planting, Equip – training leaders internationally (I’m going back to India in May), and the Baptist for local and global missions.  It was great to spend time with my friend Milton Hollifield, Executive Director of the NC Baptist.  Milton’s dad (still preaching in his 80’s) and my dad (passed away last year) were good friends and they both served as pastors and leaders in their denomination. 


We went to lunch together and talked about church planting, missions, and reaching out to the unchurched.  I was honest and shared with him my heart to build bridges and partnerships with different ministries and denominations to build the kingdom together. It was clear that there is a desire and passion to lock arms together to build the kingdom. I believe it’s time to major on the majors and minor on the minors… to focus on the Word of God, the Gospel of Jesus and building His kingdom around the world. They shared with me that this year NC Baptists will start 100 new churches and many of them are going to be contemporary churches and all of them will be focused on reaching the unchurched.  These are exciting days to be alive and to be serving The King!

  • Duane

    Man Pastor, for a moment a thought your were wearing a tie. Whew! Seriously, I have heard that message from several Pastor I listen to. They are stressing to put denominational differences aside and to put the Kingdom first. God is truly preparing the Church to reach out like never before. Keep up the great work Pastor.