Church on Saturday?

Why attend church on Saturday night? Several years ago we made a decision to add a Saturday night service at 6pm due to space needs. At that time (11 years ago) very few churches, if any, had a service on Saturday.

Well it's been an amazing experience and there's something about our Saturday night experience. I've told many people that if I only attended one service it would be Saturday night. Here's a few reasons why you should attend church on Saturday:

  1. Provides more room for worship and children's ministry on Sunday morning. Statistics still show that first time guests usually attend worship on Sunday morning. 
  2. So you can serve on Sunday. One of our values is "serve one worship one" By attending Saturday night it frees you up to serve with your family on Sunday as we provide real hope for real people in a real world. 
  3. For those who work on Sunday. Many people are required to work on Sunday and its difficult to consistently attend worship. For example nurses, doctors, and public servants often have to work on Sunday morning. 
  4. It's the FIRST service of the weekend! There's something about the first worship experience. My sermon is fresh, the worship is a little more high energy. We have more time to free flow. And it's the only service we don't have live feed for that reason. 

So pray about making a commitment to attend the Saturday night service at 6pm here at C3 and remember to bring someone with you. Together we can make a difference!